Oregano is an aromatic plant that grows in hilly forests and arid lands. The flowers are used half open and should be dried in the shade, sheltering them from moisture.

Applications: Not to be missed in chimichurri sauce for barbeque, also as a seasoning for pizza. It matches both fresh and dry with all kinds of meat, vegetables and even cheeses, especially grilled provolone. It is used in marinades and adobos, vinaigrettes, pickles and canned food.

Benefits: It is a tonic to the digestive, nerve and circulatory system, working at the same time as diuretic. Oregano has emollient, solvent and fortifier effects.

Packaging: 25g and 50g Packages


Also known as nobel laurel, Franco bay leaf, Apollo’s bay leaf or kitchen bay leaf. Originally from the East and used from ancient times, it is nowadays found everywhere.

Applications: Stews, sauces, lamb, barbeque, fish, barbeque sauces and pastas.

Benefits: The tisane obtained from the leaves is a tonic and medicine for paralysis, restlessness, nervous weakness, nervous exhaustion, lack of mood, sadness, despondency, feeling of fear, general weakness of the body, reluctance to work, stomach pain, throat and chest diseases, skin disorders, bladder weakness, rheumatism, etc.

Packaging: 15g Packages


It is also called “royal herb” or “fragrant herb” and is native to India.

Applications: Duck, stews, stuffing, pizza, meals with eggs, sausages, fish, potato salads, tomatoes, soups.

Benefits: It is an excellent digestive and nerve tonic, has febrifuge properties and alleviates dizziness and nausea. Besides, it is antiseptic.

Packaging: 25g Packages


Parsley (Petroselinum sativum) is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the family of biennial umbelliferous plants, which is cultivated mainly for the aroma and flavor of its leaves. It prefers warm climates but resists the cold very well. Parsley is a popular herb which is always present in the kitchen.

Applications: It can be used to aromatize preparations of meat or vegetable and as a garnish for pastas and fish. Wherever this seasoning is present, it will be immediately detected by its intense and tempting aroma.

Benefits: It is a rich herb in regard to its nutritional value since it is a good source of vitamin A, calcium and iron.

Packaging: 25g Packages

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