Salt: 4KG.

Bondiola Additive Mixture: 1 kg (500g pack 1 + 500g pack 2)


Once the meat is cut and cooled at a temperature of 3° to 4°C, the next step is to cure the bondiolas.

Thoroughly mix the ingredients that appear in the formula and manually rub the pieces trying to cover the whole surface.

The pieces are placed in a stainless steel or plastic container without drainage. The cure is performed at a temperature between 5° and 7°C.

Once the bondiolas have been rubbed, the base of the container is covered with a layer of salt, the pieces are placed covering the whole surface. After that, they are cover with another thin layer of salt and a new batch of bondiolas is placed on top. It is important that the bondiolas do not touch each other in order to avoid stains and achieve an even cure.

An average curing time is of six days. At day four you can cut one piece and if the cure is even on the whole surface of the cut, it can be removed from the salt. It is advisable to turn the bondiolas in the middle of the curing process in order to achieve better product standardization. That is to say, to move the pieces from one container to another giving a lighter rub with a new rub mixture. In this way the pieces that are at the top will be at the bottom. The same salt can be used to separate the pieces and the remaining juice is added again into the container.

Once removed from the salt, they are washed trying not to leave residues, they are left to air, then wrapped and tied trying to obtain a good pressing.

Drying should be performed starting at a temperature of 30°C with 90% humidity for 12 hours; then lower the temperature to 25°C for 36 hours. Keep the product until its sale at a temperature of 15°C and 75% humidity.

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