Ingredients for 100 kg of mixture

Lean Meat (Mince Twice): 30kg.

Pork Cuts: 40kg.

Fat: 15kg.

Pasteurized Water/Wine: 10lt.

Chorizo Additive Mixture: 4kg.

Hamburger Agglutinant: 2kg.



Chop the meat and bacon or dewlap, previously cooled, using the 8 mm disc. It is necessary to regularly check the blade edge. Beef should be as lean as possible. The bacon and dewlap must be frozen. In order to facilitate the mixing, the pre-mixed additives may be added when the mincing process ends.


Mix well enough without forming a paste so as not to affect the color and the final appearance.


Check the hygiene and degreasing of the casings. Stuff with enough pressure without leaving air voids (in case air voids remain you can prick the casing.) The funnel should be as large as possible so as to facilitate the exit of the paste.

Mixing list

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