The functions of this blend include the following:

  • Color fixative: It acts as an antioxidant to retard browning on the meat.
  • Seasoning blend
  • Emulsifier: It favors binding in cooking
  • Flavor enhancer
  • Salt added


Meat must be cooled from 4° to 5°C over zero for 24 hours before being processed.

Only beef meat should be used in hamburgers production and must not contain more than 20% of fat.

Once the meat is cooled, it will go trough the meat mincer using a 4 to 6mm disc as desired.

Then the meat is placed into the mixer where the dry additives are added, according to the following formula:

Meat: 86Kg.

Hamburger Agglutinant: 2Kg.

Hamburger Additive and Spice Mixture: 4Kg.

Very Cold Water: 8Kg.

Once all the ingredients are added, mix and knead them until they are properly bound but without forming a paste.

Then remove the paste and send it to the hamburger molding machine.

Once the hamburger is ready, pack it according to the chosen method and send it to the chamber to freeze. The cold storage must be dry with a temperature that must oscillate between 6° and 12° C below zero.

The goods must remain in the cold storage for 24 hours.

It is also recommended to stow the goods in a separate way for better cold air distribution on all surfaces.

Mixing list

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