Its use replaces the egg obtaining an important cost reduction and a greater preservation of the product.

It contains salt and the necessary spices.

It increases the adherence of the coating to prevent it from separating easily from the meat.

The power of liquid retention of its components does not allow their release, keeping the breadcrumb dry for a longer period.

The meat remains moisturized, not thin nor dry, as it naturally occurs when the breadcrumb absorbs the moisture of the steak.

It increases the efficiency by a 30%.


Once the steaks are placed in a container, add 10l of water with 1kg of the additive mixture every 30 kilos of meat. Example:

  • Chicken steaks: 30Kg
  • Water: 10Lt
  • Milanesa Additive Mixture: 1Kg

Having achieved a lump-free dilution, for which it should be shaken very well, it is then incorporated into the massager along with the meat for 20 minutes. Let it rest an hour and massage 5 more minutes. Once this process is completed, the water must be absorbed by a 90%. Leave it for 8 hours in a fresh place.

The moisture that remains on the surface of the meat without being absorbed is used to batter the steaks in replacement of the egg.


Prepare another dilution with 30 liters of water plus 1 kg of additive mixture. This dilution is used to batter the steaks in replacement of the egg, then it is ready to commercialize.

During the process, shake the dilution permanently.

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