Hide: 54Kg

Snouts, ears: 15Kg

Tongue, heart: 5Kg

Meat: 20Kg

Head Cheese additive mixture: 6Kg

Vinegar: 1Kg

Crushed Black Pepper: 0,15Kg


Cook the hide by placing it in water at 80°C, the cooking time is about 3 to 4 hours. The exact cooking of the hide is of vital importance so that there are no fat deposits in the finished product. The tongue and heart are added to the container two hours before finishing the cooking of the hide.

About 150g of curing salt per 100 liters of water is added to the cooking water for the product to become pink and not too dark.

After the cooking, the hide is removed from the container and washed with the boiling water from the same container in order to remove as much fat as possible. Leave the hide for half an hour in perforated trays to let them drain well. Once drained, they are chopped using the chosen disc, using a 20mm disc for a thin chop or a three hole disc for a thicker chop.

When meat is added, the cooking time varies according to the type. When the head is used the cooking time will take longer than when using the hide, whereas; when using tender meat the cooking time will be shorter.

Place the product in the mixer and add the additives and spices, mix about two minutes so that the hide does not shred.

The pressure of the stuff must not be exceeded so that the casings not burst in the container, the ends of the casing can be pricked to drain the unretained fat. The cheeses are introduced for 15 minutes with a temperature water of 80°C, so that the casings are contracted; then placed in cold water. Once cooled, it is deposited in a cold storage until its sale.

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