This Vienna Style Sausage additive mixture is a standard formulation that includes all the additives involved in its preparation.


  1. Safety: It is a standardized product that, due to its strict production control, eliminates risks of weight errors or omissions.
  2. Uniformity: The manufacturer is not contingent upon possible changes in the different raw materials, which guarantees the client always similar characteristics.
  3. Reduction in labor costs and processing time
  4. Optimal performance: The supplies have been selected and vastly tested in order to obtain the best results.
  5. Typical bite and pasty taste elimination in products with excessive load.
  6. Clear and characteristic aroma and flavor.


Lean Beef Meat: 37Kg

Pork Fat: 15Kg

Water/Ice: 34Kg

Almital R (Manioc Starch): 10Kg

Vienna Style Sausage Additive Mixture: 2Kg

Salt: 2,2Kg

Pepper: 0,1Kg

Liquid smoke: 50qcc.

This is the suggested formulation and it can be adopted by the manufacturers according to their needs, taking into account that the blend is used in doses of 3 % of the total paste.

Mixing list

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